Pengboom Society

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything about web comics. (Here are part 1 and part 2 of a series I wrote a few years ago.)  But I, for some strange reason, logged on to tumblr the other day, scrolled through a few posts and found a recommendation from the amazing Kate Beaton. I checked out the site and now want to share it here!

All of the comics I mention can be found at the main site for the Pengboom Society. A word of warning: only 1 of the comics is finished (and it’s a very short wordless one) and the other two only have a little more than 30 pages each (which is not that much once you start reading!). Anyways. They’ve managed to hook me already so here’s to weekly updates!

A House Divided

Orphan Henrietta Achilles has just inherited her uncle’s mansion, an uncle she has never met and didn’t even know she had.


There are all kinds of suspicious circumstances in town when she arrives and once she gets to the house, she is met by quiche stealing brigands.


Yes, quiche.


There are hints about a fortune and a hidden vault and I’m looking forward to the weekly Thursday updates.



It’s a bit harder to see where this one is going but here’s the official description: When man’s greed threatens their existence, the fey leave our world and take refuge in the realm of their ancestors. As the fairies rediscover the birthplace of their race, unspeakable tragedy disrupts the newfound peace: Murder. The first among fey.


So far there’s a cute enthusiastic mouse, creepily beautiful walking fungi, and a sinister, mysterious hunting party.


Beautiful art and updates every Monday!


Eberhart & the Phoenix Chicken

Short, with no words, it tells the story of a anthropomorphic boar (I think?) and the chicken he discovers that also happens to be a phoenix.


Web Comics (Part 2)

I wrote a post about fantasy web comics I enjoy a few months ago. I never intended to write a follow up but there are three more comics I’ve been reading regularly that I felt like sharing.

Hark! A Vagrant: Written by Kate Beaton, these comics more often deal with history (especially her native Canadian) and literature than fantasy. But some of that literature is very healthily within the fantasy range (see, for instance, her take on Dracula). She’s certainly not above superheros (Wonder Woman, X-Men) or legendary characters (Robin Hood), and she loves her some mermaids (Part 1 of a 7 part story starts here, and a couple stand alone comics here and here). Also, fairy tales! She’s taking a bit of a breather from regular comic updates on her site (thanks to her recently published book) but she does have a tumblr page that she keeps updated with funny and interesting tidbits.

Wondermark: David Malki! (the exclamation point is very important) takes pictures from old papers and books and creates comics from them. They are very, very silly comics. Many of his comics seem to fall solidly in the “steampunk” category as most of the characters have a Victorian look to them and he loves over-the-top inventionsCrazy animals make frequent appearances and there is also a recurring alien character from the planet Gax. Malki has been creating these comics since 2003 so there are a lot of them to go through. But they are all worth it. Every. Single. One.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Words can not express how much I love this comic. Dr. Mcninja is a 35 year old ninja. But he’s also a doctor. This is a huge disappointment to his parents because Dr. McNinja is descended from a long line of Irish ninjas. Yes, Irish. The doctor runs a private practice with his receptionist, Judy (a gorilla) and his 12 year old side kick, Gordito. Who rides a raptor named Yoshi and grew a mustache through sheer force of will. It’s silly, it’s funny, it’s amazingly awesome and you can start reading it here.

Web Comics

I don’t particularly consider myself a fan of graphic novels or comics, but I do love beautiful illustrations and good stories. If a good story can be told primarily (or entirely) through good illustrations, so much the better!

One of the great things the Internet has done is to make it possible for authors/illustrators/creators to make their work readily available to a much larger group of people. Here are some of the fantasy comics I have been following online.


A new collaboration from Gina Biggs, Louisa Roy, and Elle Skinner (who all have separate projects of their own). There are only a few stories so far and each one is and will be based on a story from the Grimm’s collection and will be one of the lesser known stories. So no Cinderella or Little Mermaid. Gina Biggs adapts the stories and all three take turns with illustrating (and in color!). So far they’ve adapted “Farmer’s Clever Daughter”, “A Tale With a Riddle”, and are currently in the middle of “Maid Maleen”.

Sailor Twain, or the Mermaid in the Hudson

I literally just discovered this one a few days ago and I’m already in love with it. Created by Mark Siegel, the comic follows the adventures of the Hudson River steamboat Lorelai  in the year 1887. Initially I thought it would be a real life sort of comic, but then the mermaid showed up. The comments and additional information underneath the comic provide facts and hints about topics brought up in that day’s comic. A perfect combination of fantasy and history with really lovely black and white illustrations.

Unfortunately, I’ve also gotten interested in a handful that seem to have been discontinued. Illustrations are nice and the stories seemed like they could have gone somewhere interesting. But it was not to be. Still worth looking at but  read at your own risk.

Velharthis – An orphaned young girl begins a journey to a neighboring country to join the army. She is joined in her journey by a young man with a mysterious past. The threat of the Red Guard hangs over everything.

Ever After – Less than 60 pages to this one. Black and white primarily, with a manga look to it. Life in fairy tale land had become too unstable until the rich Mr. Humpty created an asylum where the most dangerous citizens could be taken to be “rehabilitated”. The story so far focuses on Little Red Riding Hood, the evil Dr. Crooked, and, of course, the Big Bad Wolf.

No Rest for the Wicked – I’m not sure if this has been abandoned or is just updated irregularly. Very irregularly. The last update seems to have been a year ago. I have only read the first chapter so far, but it appears to be an combination of various fairy tales and characters formed around an obscure fairy tale where the moon has been buried. The youngest daughter of a king has set off on a quest to find it.

If none of these comics appeal to you or if you are looking for more, most of these sites have “link” pages to other comics the authors like. Or you can always try the Online Comics Directory.