The Journal of Mythic Arts

I love stumbling on things that seem like they were tailor made for my particular interests. Things like this: The Journal of Mythic Arts.

It’s not publishing new content anymore but the material they have will stay there so people like me can read through it at their leisure. And there are some very interesting articles on the site.

There’s a nonfiction section, that has articles like “Baba Yaga in Film” and “A Rune with a View“.

There’s a poetry section, that has poems from Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman.

There’s an art and mixed media section (oh joy!), with articles such as “On Pre-Raphaelites, Then and Now” and “From Fairy Tales to Fantasia: The Art of Kay Nielsen” (all with lots of lovely examples).

And perhaps most dangerously of all there are several reading lists provided, one for mythic fiction and one for fairy tale fiction. Each article also has a further reading list at the end (like I don’t have enough to read already!).

I see many happy days ahead, poring over the articles on this website.


3 thoughts on “The Journal of Mythic Arts

  1. Rob says:

    Have you ever heard of a quarterly publication called “Parabola?” Not sure if they’re still publishing, but I used to grab their issues back in the 80s. Great articles on myth, legend and storytelling. P.L. Travers (Mary Poppins) used to write a lot of essays for them. Good stuff.


  2. Jerry Cullum says:

    I ought to put you in touch with Honora Foah and the Mythic Imagination Institute. Their own magazine Mythic Passages keeps emerging and disappearing again:
    But Honora keeps on keeping on with her own blog MythHonora and the Institute, which brought Terri Windling and a good many of the other authors of the Journal of Mythic Arts to Atlanta ten years ago for the Mythic Journeys conference. They formed a partnership with Parabola back then but am not sure of the status of that.

    If I ever get a working automobile again, I’ll come visit. I have a fairly complete collection of Parabola, though I preferred Gnosis Magazine back when it was publishing…Art Papers just published an interview with the guy who ran Gnosis from 1985 to 1999.


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