The Hunger Games

hungergamescoverWell, I finally did it. I finally read The Hunger Games. I actually finished it several weeks ago and was hoping to rewatch the movie to provide a more well-rounded sense of the story, but since I got about two thirds of the way through the movie and have had no desire to finish it since then, I realized I should probably just go ahead and write my review.

My cousin first gave me this book before it got really big. I had heard about it and was interested to read it but somehow it just kept getting put aside for another book I wanted to read first. A few years after he gave me the book, the movie came out and I was taken to see it by some friends. I thought the movie fine, not really that great and I was clearly missing some references by not knowing the book. But now that I have read the book, I’m wondering how anyone stomached that movie at all.

The book was much better than I was expecting. Katniss is truly a survivor and it’s very clear to see how her background trained her to be one. And yet she still has compassion for others, a sacrificial love for her sister, and an innate decency that prevents her from killing anyone or even wanting to (except in self defense or mercy).

I’m not about to start learning archery or wearing a side braid because that’s what Katniss did, but I did enjoy this book much more than I was expecting. I’ve already checked out Catching Fire so I’ll probably be posting a review when I finish that and will maybe even watch the movie (although I have to admit, I’m more interested in watching the movie to see a former place of employment than I am in actually seeing the movie!).


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