A New Tolkien

Oof. How time does pass. As it’s been a while since I last posted, today will be a 2 post day! Hooray!

If you’re a Tolkien fan, you’ve probably heard this news already. For those who haven’t, we’ll be getting a new translation of Beowulf in May! From what I understand, this will be a translation Tolkien did in 1926 that for some reason has never been published. It sounds like there will be some extra goodies like essays and (perhaps??) a new Tolkien story as well.

Here’s the article from The Guardian on the release.

And here’s an article from TheOneRing fan site.

Exciting news!


2 thoughts on “A New Tolkien

  1. Briana says:

    Krysta and I have been speculating that perhaps there just wasn’t the market for a Beowulf translation? Maybe not in Tolkien’s lifetime, and afterwards, Christopher’s priority was probably dealing with the Middle Earth writings. But now that Seamus Heaney has sort of made Beowulf “cool,” it might be the right time for this.

    Either way, I’m extremely excited! I’ve seen vague references to Tolkien’s Beowulf by a bunch of Tolkien scholars, and I was starting to think the public would never have the chance to read it! Basically I (personally) have been waiting for this book for ten years.


    • Mary says:

      You know, you’re probably right about there not being a market for it. From what I understand it was Tolkien who really pushed the importance of Beowulf. Also he probably got distracted by his other writings and scholastic duties!

      And judging by how well Tolkien’s other recent publications have done, even though they are unfinished, I imagine this will do very well!


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