Prometheus Viewed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nothing good comes from space.

But I’d heard the buzz about Prometheus and I couldn’t resist. I had to see it (which, honestly, I knew was going to happen all along). So I got it from the library. I was pleasantly surprised. Kinda.

The story opens with Drs. Shaw and Holloway discovering a new cave drawing in Scotland. Fast forward a few years and they, along with a whole lot more scientists and crew, are waking up on board the spaceship Prometheus. That cave drawing was apparently one of many, all pointing to the planet they are just about to land on. And of course, almost as soon as they land, things start going wrong.

Surprisingly though, this wasn’t just a standard horror movie in space. Some of the decisions people make are actually kind of intelligent. And although it’s still pretty easy to tell who’s going to die and when, you at least feel a bit sad when they do. And Michael Fassbender makes a really amazing android.

There was still a lot of pretty disgusting stuff, including a graphic surgery. And the aliens, blegh.

Ultimately, I think the most interesting part of this movie was the take on religion. The main character, Dr. Shaw, is a Christian- sort of. She wears a cross that used to belong to her father who was a Christian (or at least a tolerant Hollywood Christian, who seemed to be one step away from saying all religions are equal, but I’ll take what I can get). Unlike most Hollywood movies, she doesn’t lose her faith and she’s not overwhelmed by any scientific research proving her wrong. And she’s able to hold her own in arguments against her beliefs. Granted she seems to hold her beliefs more for sentimental reasons then anything, but still. It’s nice to see an intelligent Christian in a big Hollywood movie.

Overall, I liked it. I don’t say this is a movie you need to see, but if you think it sounds interesting, go ahead and watch it. It won’t be a waste of 2 hours.