Dali in Wonderland

Wow, guys. Wow.

Salvador Dali’s a bit of a favorite of mine. All surrealists are, actually. There is something about the strangeness and the dream-like quality of surrealism that has always appealed to me and that somehow seems to go hand in hand with so much of fairy tales and fantasy. My jaw dropped when I ran across this:


That is called “Down the Rabbit Hole” and was made by Dali for an illustrated edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Advice From A Caterpillar

Advice From A Caterpillar

Published in 1969 for a publisher’s book of the month, this is one powerful combination.

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party

I would love to get my hands on a copy! Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare and the few available copies are well out of my price range.

The Queen's Croquet Ground

The Queen’s Croquet Ground

To see more of this collaboration, check out the original article. They have the entire collection of illustrations there so it’s worth visiting!

2 thoughts on “Dali in Wonderland

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