Happy New Year!

Well, the holiday season is over and it’s time to get back to posting. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming New Year! I had a fantastic Christmas; my supercool brother-in-law gave me a Hobbit notebook that he suggested I use as a travel diary when I take my (as yet unfunded and therefore undated) epic trip to New Zealand. A suggestion I have decided to take!

Just a simple post for today then, to ease my way back into writing. I ran across this article several weeks ago and put it aside to share when I found the time. Fairy tales are what make my reading world go round and Hans Christian Andersen is the first fairy tale author/collector I remember reading. I mean, I had grown up reading fairy tales but usually they were just generic mishmashes of different versions of common stories. Andersen was the first one I read of original tales.

Basically, a Danish historian has come across a short story written by Andersen when he was 18(!). Only six pages long, the story is titled “Tallow Candle”. Perhaps not as big as the German trove found earlier this year, but still exciting nonetheless. Will it be added to Andersen’s canon? Will we begin to see it in new editions of his “Collected Fairy Tales”? We’ll see!


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