Zeus the Paramour

I love mythology and reading different cultures’ myths and legends. Greek mythology is probably some of the best known simply for the sheer volume of what’s available.

Most likely, you already know that Zeus is the main god in Greek mythology. Not only that, but he is also the father to many of the other gods, demi-gods, and miscellaneous extraordinary humans that figure heavily in the myths. Zeus, well, he liked his women, much to the fury of his proper wife Hera. And considering how fruitful he was, it can be hard to keep up with all his lovers and the resulting offspring (and I don’t say children here because not all of them were!).

But I stumbled upon this cool looking chart the other day called Zeus’s Affairs. It names the women Zeus had affairs with and connects them with their children. Clicking on a name brings up a short biography. And all the relationship information is credited to the source that it came from. It’s an interesting way to spend some time and a good way to learn (or re-learn) some Greek mythology.


One thought on “Zeus the Paramour

  1. I’m also a lover of Greek myth. The Greeks didn’t expect perfection from their gods.


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