Mirror, Mirror

I wanted to see Mirror, Mirror when it came out in theaters but the bad reviews scared me off. I took advantage of my parents’ Netflix account to watch it over the Thanksgiving holiday and was pleasantly surprised.

I’m a fan of The Fall, and even Immortals was a beautiful movie, if not one I would watch again. So I knew that with Tarsem Singh directing, Mirror, Mirror would be nice to watch simply for the visual experience.

This is definitely a movie for children but that’s not to say that adults can’t enjoy it too. There’s a lot of slapstick humor and there’s one particularly funny/disgusting scene where we see the extremes the Queen goes through for her beauty. And speaking of the Queen, she’s never particularly frightening but her evilness is shown by her general indifference and consuming self-centeredness. Julia Roberts does a great job with her.

There were two things that I particularly loved about this version of Snow White, especially compared with Snow White and the Huntsman which I also watched recently: 1) The dwarfs and 2) Snow White.

Usually in a Snow White movie, the dwarfs are some sort of magical creatures. They might be human-ish but they aren’t truly human. However, the dwarfs in Mirror, Mirror are. They were just regular townspeople, butchers, teachers, pub owners, etc., until they were banned by the Queen for being ugly. They might be dwarfs (and have some really cool pants) but there’s nothing extraordinarily special about them because of it.

Lily Collins as Snow White was a fantastic choice. She’s an unusual beauty but so is Julia Roberts. Lily Collins has the needed innocent and youthful look yet her transformation into a fighter and a leader is totally believable. Snow White actually seems like a person here rather than someone just fulfilling a role, like Kristin Stewart seemed to be doing in Huntsman.

Given the choice between the two Snow White movies that came out this year, Mirror, Mirror was definitely the more entertaining movie. Snow White and the Huntsman had a lot going for it but Kristin Stewart was just so badly miscast, it really pulled the movie down. (Apparently, she will be coming back for the sequel. Not really good news.)


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