One of the best and worst things about working in a library is that there are so many entertainment options right at your fingertips. I take full advantage of this work perk and usually have a towering stack of books checked out with a handful of DVDs. Since I tend to check things out faster than I can read/watch and return them, every few weeks I have to take a day or two and force myself to finish up the books I’ve started or watch some movies. Last night turned out to be one of those nights.

I tried to watch Night of the Living Dead. I didn’t get very far with that one. I don’t particularly like zombies (unless they’re funny like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland) and Night of the Living Dead was absolutely ridiculous. Funny, I guess, but in a really bad way. Also, I’m a total coward and despite being awful it was still freaking me out. Turned it off after about 20 minutes.

I did, however, get through the entirety of Unbreakable. It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a while since it’s supposed to be Shyamalan’s best film after The Sixth Sense. It also seemed to have a really interesting premise: David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is in a train wreck that kills everyone on board. Except for him. He somehow manages to escape the crash without even a scratch. He soon meets Elijah Price (Samuel Jackson) who convinces David that he is special, that he can do things other people can’t. Which turns out to be true as we discover that David is not only super strong, but he seems to have a sense about the bad things people have done. And there’s the fact that he’s never sick and never been injured. We get a scene where David finally accepts his superpowers (for lack of a better word) and just at the end of the movie we discover the villain/arch-enemy.

It was a kinda cool movie. Very realistic and an interesting premise. But maybe I just knew too much about the movie going in. I already knew who the villain was, I already knew about the hero. The main problem with Shyamalan films (besides the pretty awful dialogue) is that once you know the twist or secret, the movie stops being as interesting. So, overall, the film was kind of a letdown for me. I don’t regret watching it, but if asked to recommend it, my response would be a solid “meh”.


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