Have you heard of this movie, Chronicle? It came out earlier this year and was a small indie film. I never heard that much about it, beyond enough to know that it was out and that reviews were decent.

It’s been out on DVD long enough at my library that there was no waiting list for it. A few days ago I saw it sitting on the shelf and decided to check it out.

It was an enjoyable movie, for the most part, and if you get the chance, I would recommend watching it.

It’s basically a combination of two movie genres: the superhero movie and the found footage movie. It works really well and becomes an interesting addition to the big budget, highly polished studio superhero movies we have gotten used to seeing.


Here’s the story: Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is your stereotypical loser/loner. His mom is sick, his dad’s a drunk and his only friend is his cousin, Matt (Alex Russell). Andrew’s recently decided to start filming his life so it’s through his camera that we get most of the story. One night Matt drags Andrew to a party where they, along with popular jock and student council president Steve (Michael B. Jordan), come across…something. It’s never explained and the behavior of the camera at this point is one of the most interesting things in the whole movie.

The three boys realize quickly that something extraordinary happened to them that night and they quickly begin to show off their powers to each other. Andrew, in particular, becomes stronger than the other two which leads to trouble later when his anger and bitterness begin to take over.

It was an entertaining movie and a good one, but not a great one. Parts of the movie felt very cookie cutter superhero-ish (for example, Andrew as the villain) and the movie felt very flat to me for some reason. I had a hard time really caring about the characters, except for Andrew, oddly enough, who lost my sympathy as soon as he became a monster. Several characters die in the movie and not once did I ever feel sad at their loss.

I think I liked it mainly because it felt very real, as in, the three boys actually seemed like they were in high school. Events at the end could potentially lead into a sequel. Would I watch it? Probably, if for no other reason than to find out how they got their powers in the first place.


One thought on “Chronicle

  1. In some aspects the movie was not so great, but I liked the concept and the fact that the movie was shot from a sole camera point of view. I also really liked that one of the characters became evil, because it gave me some sort of a psychological aspect on why getting superpowers can drive you insane.

    So in the end this kind of makes the movie even better. Since they usually show the bad guys in so many movies, I found it quite interesting that they showed the audience how those characters could possibly get that way.


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