Eyvind Earle

I had never heard of Eyvind Earle until a few days ago when I saw this blog post by eMORFES (and you should be following that blog if you aren’t already; they find the most beautiful and interesting art I’ve ever seen).

Earle was a prolific artist and lived from 1916 to 2000. He illustrated books, designed magazine covers and worked in animation, both on his own and with Disney (including Sleeping Beauty). He had a fascinating life and you can read about it on his official website here.

Autumn Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Forest

Gothic Figures In Blue

Gothic Forest

Medieval Promenade

Blue Garden

Seven White Horses


San Luis Obispo

Three Noble Horses

Beautiful, aren’t they? See lots more of his oil paintings, sketches, and sculptures on his official website.

3 thoughts on “Eyvind Earle

  1. David says:

    Those are gorgeous! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie, with some of my favorite art. I didn’t know about Eyvwind Earle before, but I’ll be looking up more of his art soon. Thanks for pointing him out to me!


  2. Rob says:

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing this. No wonder the Disney images were so haunting!


  3. […] no secret that I love beautiful art and, especially, beautiful book illustrations. I’m a fan of Susan Cooper on Facebook (the […]


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