Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey was an odd and unusual man yet in spite of that, or maybe because of it, he is one of my favorite illustrators. You’ve most likely seen the “Mystery!” TV show opening with his animation:

Gorey dabbled in many different areas including costume and set design for theater and opera productions but he is known mostly for his illustrating. He wrote and illustrated a large number of short works, many which can be found compiled in the Amphigorey series. He has a very distinctive style that is instantly recognizable and I love looking at what he’s done whenever I can.

So I was pretty excited the other day when I ran across this article. I had never seen any fairy tale illustrations of his before but these are some truly lovely illustrations for the respective stories.

Little Red Riding Hood

Jack the Giant Killer


See the article for more information and pictures.


4 thoughts on “Edward Gorey

  1. You might enjoy seeing EG’s work in another form in “Edward Gorey On Stage: Playwright, Director, Designer, Performer: a Multimedia Memoir” (http://www.Boom-Books.com)


  2. David says:

    He does have a very unique style. I especially like his work on the Mystery! series; paired with that great theme music, it makes a powerful introduction to the following show.


  3. […] no secret that I love beautiful art and, especially, beautiful book illustrations. I’m a fan of Susan Cooper on Facebook (the author of the fantastic The […]


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