Is it possible to be excited about a movie coming out even though you know you’ll probably never see it, don’t even want to see it? Because Prometheus is that movie for me.

I’ve been to see The Avengers 3 times now (don’t judge me, that movie is amazing). And every time during the trailers, I still get freaked out during the one for Prometheus. Whoever made that trailer should be shot. Or given some awards. Maybe both.

Directed by Ridley Scott, Prometheus is a prequel of sorts for Alien. At least that’s what I’ve gathered. Starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender (who looks like he’s going to be quite evil), the trailer starts out innocently enough, with the premise of cultural discovery. But it goes downhill quickly and I can still hear that screaming bit in my head as I type this. Yikes.

I’ve already written about how movies in space are bad news and Prometheus is no exception. So I might end up seeing it since I enjoy torturing myself that way. And because the movie really does look like it will be good. But I can promise you it will be a matinee showing.

Prometheus comes out on June 8.


One thought on “Prometheus

  1. […] heard the buzz about Prometheus and I couldn’t resist. I had to see it (which, honestly, I knew was going to happen all along). So I got it from the library. I was pleasantly surprised. […]


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