Social Media for the Fantastically Inclined

I tend to visit “faebook” a lot. I don’t mean to, but for some reason my finger never seems to hit the “c” key easily. My latest visit got me thinking- how would fantasy world denizens connect online?

Faebook– It will start out just for the Fae, of course, with fairies creating profiles with pictures, status updates, and the ability to connect to fairies everywhere. Membership will initially be restricted to those in the seelie and unseelie courts, however its popularity will attract pixies into wanting to sign up, followed eventually by everyone else. The opening of Faebook to everyone and the subsequent rush of trolls to join will cause Faebook to become the most used yet most hated social site in the world of fantasy.

BridgedIn– Because let’s face it, even in a fantasy world we can’t all be kings. Some of us will have to work for a living and what better way to find those open positions soldiering or adventuring then through networking? BridgedIn will  be the place to post your employment credentials, like how many princesses you’ve saved, how many evil spells you’ve broken, or how many dragons you’ve killed.

Troller– A place to post long-winded rants against everything you hate. This will be the attempt from the trolls, giants, and ogres to get a foot in social media and will become surprisingly popular. Individual rants, called “trolls”, will be discoverable through “#mashtags”. Detailed photo series of disgusting meals and long descriptions of pointless and destructive activities will trend worldwide.

Pixtr– The best way to share all those photos lying around with friends and family. This might not work the same way we think it would, since pictures in fantasy worlds are probably taken with pixie dust or something. But at least this way pictures don’t just stay on the wall, they can be shared with everyone! And their mom! And their mom’s friends! Best to stay off the nectar if you know what I’m saying.

Technology and Fantasy don’t seem to always mesh well (without pushing it too far into science fiction territory), but these are some of my suggestions for making it work.


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