Jean Giraud/Moebius

You might not have heard of Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, by name. But if you’ve looked at comics, you’ve seen his influence. He died just this morning at 73.

I discovered who he was a few days ago (through the amazing web comic Sailor Twain– scroll down a bit to the blog underneath), but now that I’ve seen his work I’m fairly certain I’ve seen it before. Unfortunately, he’s not that well known here in the States but his influence is widespread. Besides his artwork, he has also worked on the art design for several movies, including The Fifth Element, Tron, and Alien. His work ranges from surreal to erotic, from children’s stories to perfume ads. Since he’s an artist I’ll just post some of my favorites here. They are all from a series of perfume ads for the Voyage of Hermes.

(UPDATE 1/13: Unfortunately, that Sailor Twain link is no longer working. With the publication of the physical book, it seems most of the comic and the adjoining blog posts have been removed. Still going to leave the link there, though, even the little that’s left on the website is worth looking at, even if it’s not really related to Moebius anymore.)

More information on Jean Giraud/ Moebius can be found at his official website (in French, sorry!), on, or on this amazing blog that has set about to post everything it can of Giraud’s work online.



2 thoughts on “Jean Giraud/Moebius

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  2. […] no secret that I love beautiful art and, especially, beautiful book illustrations. I’m a fan of Susan Cooper on Facebook (the author of the fantastic The Dark is Rising […]


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