Food in Fantasy

I love to eat. And one of the cruelest things authors do in their books in describe the meals that their characters are eating. And I say cruel because the food described usually sounds so good that I get terribly jealous when I can’t eat it myself! I certainly don’t have the cooking skills to make up the recipes on my own. Fortunately, other readers who do have cooking skills have come to my rescue.

The first series that comes to mind for me when talking about fictional food is George R. R. Martin’s epic series Song of Ice and Fire. Martin minutely describes what his characters are eating and this could range from peacock and seagull during high feasts to biscuits and bacon on a riverboat. A well known blog called Inn at the Crossroads has taken it upon themselves to cook through the books. They have organized the recipes according to location and the recipes have mouthwatering photos to accompany them. They sometimes include medieval and modern recipes when able. Pictured at left is their Mereen breakfast with a hard boiled duck egg, lamb sausage (a substitute for the dog sausage in the book), sweetened wine and fruit. The most amazing thing about this blog is their dedication to the food as it is in the books. Hence, Honey Spiced Locusts, Grilled Snake, and Pigeon Pie. I’ve started small (Iced Milk sweetened with Honey-delicious and refreshing, and perfect for a summer morning beverage!) but hope to try some of the more difficult recipes soon.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has also inspired devoted foodies. Tolkien might not focus on food like Martin does, but having a race known for their love of eating as the central characters- well, it’s bound to come up. And so- Middle Earth Recipes. Most of these recipes are more inspired by the books than actually taking food named in the books, however there is a recipe for Lembas (which looks encouragingly easy, although I might have a hard time getting my hands on some Mallorn leaves…). No photos here unfortunately, but there is another blog that has gone through the recipes and posted pictures and tips. Called The Middle-Earth Foodie, she sometimes even posts her own recipes. Seen above are Gondorian Griddle Cookies.

I have not read the Redwall series by Brian Jacques (yet), which is terrible since everything I hear is that they are fantastic books. However, they apparently have enough food mentions in them to warrant their own cookbook and website! The Redwall Cookbook is meant for children, however, that just means the recipes will be easier to follow! The website is called The Redwall Kitchen and provides recipes for a great number of items (no pictures though). They seem to be easy to make and look they could be quite delicious, despite some odd sounding names (Mossflower Wedge? Seaweed Grog?). These recipes will definitely be going onto my “to make” list. The Redwall Cookbook should be available at a nearby library, if that is more appealing.

Lastly, the Hunger Games. I am perhaps the only person in the country who has not read this series yet, although I do own the first book thanks to a kind family member. I’ll get to it eventually. I have heard a good deal about it, especially with the movie coming out soon. From what I know it seems interesting that recipes would have been made from it, but I guess if there is a  Hunger Games nail polish line, recipes are not too far a stretch. There are a small selection of recipes here at the Fictional Food website, which includes recipes for items like Peeta’s Burnt Nut and Raison Bread and Lamb Stew with Dried Plums. I’m guessing that more recipes will be added soon.

So I’m guessing that I will have plenty of recipes to try in the upcoming months. I will be keeping my eye on Fictional Food, as well, since they also have recipes from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Sandman comics.

Happy Eating!


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