Faerie Tale Theatre

Well, Christmas is over, but I found this and loved it.


Growing up, my sister and I used to watch Faerie Tale Theatre hosted by Shelley Duvall. Faerie Tale Theatre was an occasional hour long program that ran for six seasons between 1982 and 1985. There were 26 episodes total and most of the well-known and popular fairy tales were covered. They were released on DVD and complete collections are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Full episodes are also online through imdb and Hulu. Or check your library. They most likely have copies of the DVDs too.

The best thing about this series was that it was well done. Appropriate for children, yet entertaining for adults, the episodes included many well known actors.

Here are some of my favorite episodes. (Links to the episodes on Hulu will be at the bottom of each description.)


Shelley Duvall is Rapunzel and Jeff Bridges is the Prince. This is the only thing that has ever made me mildly interested in eating radishes. And Jeff Bridges was so handsome as the Prince. Bridges and Duvall also double as Rapunzel’s parents.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I loved this version. The fort that Goldilocks had to play in, the entire set really, fascinated me. Goldilocks was played by Tatum O’Neal with John Lithgow as her father. I particularly liked the Ranger played by Hoyt Axton, probably because he seemed very silly to me and therefore likeable to my childish tastes.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears



The Princess and the Pea

My first introduction to Liza Minnelli (as the Princess). Again, I remember the scenery better than anything else. So crazily black and white with small hints of red. And the prince (Tom Conti) and princess were so strange and eccentric. By far, my favorite of the series.

The Princess and the Pea


Carrie Fisher as Thumbelina. Really cool costumes and, again, sets. Also, pretty good special effects. I think my main fascination with this one was that everything had to be miniature and I loved the idea of living like that.






The Snow Queen

I have always loved this story. It’s such a beautiful tale and so beautifully made.

The Snow Queen


Some other episodes to watch: “Beauty and the Beast” with Susan Sarandon as Beauty, “The Three Little Pigs” with Billy Crystal as one of the pigs, and “The Little Mermaid” which was far more faithful to the original story than the Disney version.


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