Ender’s Game: The Movie

While wandering through the internet today I stumbled on this article: Harrison Ford’s Sci-Fi Roots Are Showing: Star to Play ‘Ender’s Game’. Here’s what the article says about the news:

Regardless of how you feel about the adaptation of Ender’s Game that is currently in the works (Gavin Hood, who directed the fiercely experimental “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” is attached), there’s only a very slim chance that you’ll be bothered by the news that Harrison Ford is joining the cast as Colonel Graff. This is great news for sci-fi fans — the only thing better would be a guaranteed R rating, so we can show these PG-13 “Hunger Games” wimps what fully militarized children are really capable of.

I feel like I heard somewhere that a movie version would be happening. I did not realize that casting decisions were already being made. This is kind of exciting.

I love the book by Orson Scott Card. Actually, I have really enjoyed all the books by Card that I have read. His alternate fantasies are really good (Pastwatch, the Alvin Maker series) and he even has some fairy tale retellings in there (Enchantment). Ender’s Game and its sequels/companion novels are well worth reading.

I am a bit nervous about that director though. I really wanted to like the Wolverine movie. I truly did. But I couldn’t. It was bad (however “fiercely experiemental” it might have been). There’s no trailer yet, so no telling about how the finished Ender’s Game might look. And I suppose if it’s bad, it will just end in the same garbage pile as other beloved books absolutely destroyed in their film adaptations (see: The Golden Compass, The Seeker. Ugh.)

There’s a full article here on Yahoo! Movies that goes a little more in depth into the news.


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