Cryptozoology: Chupacabras

Cryptozoology is the study of legendary animals like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, usually in order to prove their existence. It’s something I love reading about and the random stories about monster sightings never fail to get my attention. The chupacabra is one of those animals that seems to have been popping up quite a bit recently.

Here’s a wikipedia article on chupacabras: (Disclaimer: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. However, considering the subject matter, I don’t mind using the information found in the article.) So apparently, they’re blood-sucking creatures, usually with red eyes and a ridge of quills or spikes along their backs. Most recent sightings have them looking like hairless coyotes or dogs and in fact tests have proven them to be exactly that. There was even one “chupacabra” captured in Maryland just this year, however it was let go before any tests could be done on it. I’m not posting any pictures or videos here of them though, they can be a bit unsettling to look at.

So the chupacabra has not been conclusively proved to exist or not yet by cryptozoologists, although many people think it’s a hoax or an urban legend. However, in my opinion, if Brock Samson says it’s true, it must be true!


One thought on “Cryptozoology: Chupacabras

  1. Has Brock Samson ever seen a womb-bat? Now there is a strange cryptid!


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